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god dammit

man this is getting pretty nuts

Not sure if this is new, but I found out Barysan sake is a thing now. Search for バリィさんの寝ざけ, or the black and yellow link at the bottom of the official site. And yes, that's "sleeping sake"...

barysans around me they be actin like they drunk

yo but real talk, what AREN’T eggs good with?

girlfriend and best friend


hey everyone—i usually don’t make posts like this, but recently, things have been really hard for me. i’m basically trapped in my room all day, because my parents don’t want me making their furniture look bad. the job hunt has been a dead end due to my disabilities, and no retail places will even look at me with the office experience i have.

there’s more details in the patreon itself, but i’d like it if you took a look if you like my artwork, my blogging humor, etc. and consider donating even a dollar a month. it doesn’t have to be much. i have rewards too!

if you can’t donate, please signal boost. i’ve already got quite a few people thanks to twitter, but i figured i’d ask you guys for help too. thank you in advance!


in the off chance that you’re looking for an explanation, i’m afraid to tell you i don’t have one to give.

are you ready for a mascot party

because i’m ready for a mascot party


you came to the wrong neighbirdhood 

big baby bary, big baby face

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