finally, this blog gets an update. sheesh

move it move it. big bary coming thru

come into my arms children. we’re going on an adventure

my anaconda don’t want none unless you got barysan and barysan accessories hun

stuck between a wall and another wall

Barysan is mean and sarcastic? is it because he is filled with gas and nasty bloated all the time?


actually, thats kind of the character of the blog ive developed for him. the real barysan does have a bit of a temper, but he mostly likes to eat, travel, and collect lap bands, and is generally unoffensive and kind of a cool dude.

the blog is kind of a caricature of barysan himself, which admittedly may not put him in the BEST light, but it kind of stemmed from a few posts on a different blog that i made of him, as well as videos where he absolutely wrecks people at sumo wrestling. the idea is he’s eager to wreck everything with his giant body.

maybe it’s my sense of humor that’s mean and sarcastic—either way it in no way represents the real barysan.

What is Barysan's real twitter? Because another one with the name toritoribarii followed me.


What is Barysan? I've been following u for a month now but never really got by to asking :p

he is a fat chicken

(sniffling) i cant believe it…all these people, here, for me

look…it’s a giant plush cake

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