"give me your hat."

and the hat was given.


"so," unarikun asks with a nudge of his wing, "when are we gonna bum rush the stage?"

barysan fixes his gaze towards the stage, and with a soft voice, he whispers, “soon. very, very soon.”

polite kisses with fukkachan.

what's the name of the little chick that's always with barysan?


and i do my little turn on the catwalk. yeah on the catwalk

protect gunmachan at all costs




fun facts: i do a lot of fanart for a youtube channel called retsupurae, and i am friends with one of the people who runs the channel (and dating someone who helps contribute), and i stream with them a lot, right

i was doing a stream today with some people, and mentioned i ran a kumamon blog, and someone in the call was like OH DUDE YOU RUN THE KUMAMON BLOG? and i was like yea and they were like AND THE BARYSAN BLOG?!?! and i was like yea thats me

it’s such a small world you guys

finally, this blog gets an update. sheesh

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